You see them everywhere. The 4/5 digit numbers that are present in each and every medium — be it print or television. These are short code numbers, which enable companies to talk to their customers directly and without much effort.

All it takes is an SMS and the element of interactivity, which companies were looking for, is now possible.

Companies and cellular operators have realized the huge revenue potential as loyalty programmes, feedback, quizzes, polling, lottery, information dispensing via push and pull, new product launches and others change the way consumers are participating.

SMS and Mobile based marketing is only likely to grow as companies feed the consumers thirst for knowledge and entertainment to be where consumers are — that’s anytime and anywhere. Surely more value added services are in the offing in the time to come.

In this domain, KIPL plays a critical role of providing a class ‘A’ carrier grade Mobility platform, business consulting, multi operator partnership, tie ups, application, content development, management and maintenance services for individual companies and brands.

KIPL ensures that companies and brands are able to take the message across to the target audience in a seamless manner.