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Twitter Services

KIPL.Net has launched first of its kind Twitter customization services in India.

We provide unique Twitter based Research, Marketing and PR services. We create a Mega Twitter community of the client's existing and potential customers and make an Interactive communication system out of the same.

KIPL.Net uses Twitter for their clients to provide the following basic and advance services:

Twitter marketing


Find out how your business can make the most of the Twitter boom with KIPL.Net's Twitter marketing services -- Get more Twitter followers with ease!

Myspace. Facebook. Now Twitter. The success of many businesses in Social Media marketing is held in the balance by these sites and while Twitter is by far the newest big-gun in the Social Media Marketting world online, it has the potential to become your organisation's greatest marketing tool.

KIPL.Net can tailor a successful Twitter marketing campaign for your business from creating accounts and getting you followers (in other words, buy Twitter followers), to leveraging our existing and highly-profitable Twitter accounts to market your services to tens of thousands of followers -- you don't even need your own account to get started!


Twitter follower service

  So you either don't have a Twitter account, or you've got one but are finding it a struggle to get new followers. If this sounds like you then increase your followers with KIPL.Net's Twitter follower service!

The simple fact is, Twitter followers are worth much more then one can imagine to you and your business. The more followers you have more opportunities you have for marketing your products and services to them. While all followers won't be responsive customers, many will.

But the major hurdle is actually getting that follower base which is where our follower service comes in. Whether you need a handful of responsive followers added to your account, or a massive following, we can help you out. And if you or your business don't yet have an account on Twitter, we'll set one up for you.

This service will guarantee you a slew of new followers within the stated time. So, are you ready to reap the benefits of what a follower-rich Twitter account will give you? Are you ready to simply start marketting on Twitter then all you need to do is contacts us and we will be happy to guide you further!

Alternatively, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us here.
Twitter marketing service
  If you don't have your own Twitter account or follower base, but still want to make the most of a large number of Twitter followers to begin marketing to right away, then our Twitter marketing service will be apt for you!

At present we have access to several Twitter accounts with a decent number of followers. We can instantly market your product and services to them on daily basis. We'll consult with you first to get information on what you would like to promote (for example, blog, posts or a product in general).

This is an instant service, meaning you don't have to have your own Twitter account or even your own followers -- we'll market you to our own list of extremely responsive followers.

If you want some more information, or to make an inquiry about the accounts we use to tweet about you and your product or service, please contact us here.

Instant monthly twitter marketing

Our Twitter marketing service includes one tweet about your product or service per day to our base of followers -- including links for them to follow -- for 30 days. We'll consult with you before the campaign begins, so don't worry -- we'll be tweeting exactly about the stuff you would like to promote!

Other Basic Twitter Services:
Corporate Reputation Management†
Event Activation†
Product Promotion and Sales
Issue Advocacy
Crisis Management
Topical Twitter Search-based Streams

Create tweet streams around content important to you or your users. Pull in search terms, users, hashtags -- whatever is relevant for your site.

Keyword Linking

KIPL.Net scans the tweets for keywords you specify and automatically links them to anything you want. Drive traffic to product pages or the latest news story. You can even link competitor and industry terms.
Stream-wide Tweet Searching

Let your site visitors search the tweet streams you've embedded in your site.

"Tweeted Link"-centric Views

Many tweets contain links to sites on the web. Display your streams with a focus on these links, showing the tweets that mentioned them.

Multiple Integration Options

Manual Moderation

Easily approve or deny any Twitter message. You set the direction and decide what should be published into a stream and what should be permanently blocked.

Quality Scoring

Is this tweet stream-worthy? KIPL.Net will score it based on dozens of message attributes, and let you make the decision.


Build streams around meaningful categories ('all news', 'product tweets', 'company mentions', 'support') and easily assign tweets to one or more.

Tweeting From Multiple Accounts

KIPL.Netís authoring controls work across multiple Twitter accounts so you can manage all your accounts in one place.


Give multiple people the ability to tweet on your companyís behalf without sharing your Twitter passwords.


Preserve the conversations. Keep a record of what team member tweeted or replied to a message, who they sent it to, and what was said.


Done handling a Twitter-based support request? Move the tweets to your permanent archive; they're out of your way but always accessible.

Tweet Assignments

Assign tweets to your colleagues for follow up. They'll be notified via email and the tweets will appear in their "Follow Up" queue. Once they've responded, you'll receive an email containing their response along with the original tweet.

Rich Profiles

Click on any username to view conversation history, recent tweets, Twitter profile information and follower/following status. Make notes on users for anyone on your team to see. Follow or unfollow users on any of your accounts in one convenient panel.

Click Tracking

KIPL.Net works seamlessly with click tracking service. View click statistics on links from your tweets.

Tweet Scheduling

Reliably break news at specific times, or just prepare tweets ahead of time to deliver a steady flow of updates throughout the day.

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